T-Mobile's TPRS Consignment Program is unlike any other program in the wireless retail space. Become A T-Mobile Dealer Now……

This program was designed with customer satisfaction in mind delivering the same "in-store" experience and promotion that a customer receives in a corporate retail location. The store looks & feels like a T-Mobile locaion and your staff receives the same training as any other corporate sales employee and is given the necessary tools to be successfully.

As a T-Mobile retailer, here are some of the benefits:

  • Training
  • Real estate site assistance
  • Low build-out costs
  • T-Mobile® branded signage, POS and fixtures
  • Same promotions as a corporate store
  • Handset & accessory inventory

Our retailers can earn revenue from many sources:

  • Wireless phone activation & renewals
  • Grab & Go margin based products 
  • Ongoing revenue from your customers' monthly services - residuals
  • Special promotions - Spiffs
  • Accessory sales
  • Prepaid activations
  • Incentive programs such as Key Perfrmance Bonus'


Our T-Mobile exclusive retailers share the following profile:

  • Have strong financial capabilities to open one or more locations
  • Show a commitment to consistent execution of brand promise and store operation 
  • Have a self-reliant, self-monitoring and self-motivated personality
  • Can develop a Business and Marketing Plan

What's The Steps?

  1. You must submit basic financial information
  2. Work with our field support team to find the perfect location - search areas will be provided
  3. Contracts are signed between all parties
  4. Construction is started to prepare site for a "white box"
  5. Furniture is built and prepared for delivery
  6. Delivery is made, furniture and signage is installed by professional installer
  7. Training is provided for operator and staff by Portables and T-Mobile (POS installed)
  8. Inventory arrives and store is prepared for Grand Opening